We the You!
EVry-one go to ezahra.com she's awsome!!!!
Ok and the strangest thing happened in geometry, my teacher was asking for the answer to a question (and silly me I spaced out and forgot a ton of stuff (I got it right by the way:)))and she told the guy "I'm not asking for the question!"

Uuuuuuhhhh... yes you are!!!

I'm watching the Odyesse ( I spelled that wrong didn't I ) in english and Odysseus!!! You naughty boy, you have a wife!
And since when do you get away threatening an immortal godesses wife!??
3/2/2010 09:23:51 am

O_o im gonna go out on a limb and say ur not looking to be a writer, huh?

3/2/2010 10:50:35 am

hah, if Ryrare were a writer, he/she (we arent sure) would write on those signs you see on failblog "teach our children reading writing and athretic" hehe

Ryrare Mercer
3/2/2010 11:06:08 am

She... the doctor askes me questions about my period IMMA SHE!!!!
And this thind doesn't have spell check and you just chrushed those dreams i had as a ten-year-old
And @AJ I was planning on doing some writing on the side...
*runns away SOB*
PS (you can decide what SOB means because it probably doesn't mean what you think...Remember I DON'T cuss!


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