We the You!
So, this might be sort of weird that none of my posts are  even about the webshow but this is how I get to talk to different ppl and also hear feedback. Anyways, this week has been rly stressful due to tons of projects and hw which I'm sure all of u have too. Along with grades and basically all of the things that have to do with school. (Yeah, it sux, right?XD) It's a good thing that I have a good friend who calms me down and also tells me to do things one at a time and I rly thank her for that, and I hope that she sees this post. ( hint: she's a panda lover) moving on,...

This is getting too long winded huh?^_^0 okay, uhhh....oh, i forgot to say happy valentines day <3 and chinese new year to those who celebrate one or the other:D  They were both very fun, at least for me, im not sure about u other ppl but yeah. I hope to see some new comments and I'll post again soon!

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