We the You!
Tomorrow I'm going back to school:( Plus I had this poem that I had to remember and I only memorized 6 lines and I have 8 more. But besides that, the weather has been switchy. During my spring break, it was really nice and sunny but now it's like cold and rainy:P Of course the water helps plants and stuff so that way when summer comes, we won't have some kinda drought or something like that.
Okay...I recently saw The Clash of the Titans with Norwood yesterday and it was pretty good, very actiony I must say:) It bascially talked about Persius (main character) and his journey to find love, defeat the Kraken....blah, blah, blah....there was a lot of fighting and some of it was bloody but I guess it's better than Nightmare on Elm's Street O_O which I'm like "Heck no, I'm definately not seeing that." I don't do well w/ scary movies...>_< Of course someone might look at that and just laugh thinking that it's just a joke. I really don't know. It depends on ppl's movie preferences.
Wow, listen to me rambling on about movies and such. well, this is probably going to be my most recent post because I won't be coming on the comp as much due to school+homework so yeah, this is going to be a long post and I'm hoping you guys read some of it and not just SKIP 2 the ENDXD I know that this bores some ppl but DON'T SKIP THIS. or at least TRY NOT TO. Alright?^_^ Okay wellz I'm gonna go and find something else to do. PLEASE COMMENT ( if you can) I don't want to sound pushy or something^_^000
4/12/2010 12:35:56 pm


I heard that movie was awful, it only got 1 star


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