We the You!
Norwood and I decided to do another cosplay for the anime K-On:D She wants to be Yui, and I want to be Mio. We're hoping to gather more friends to cosplay with us as well. Oh, and here's a pic I drew of Fullmetal Panic fumoffu, the 2nd dvd I think? I hate copyright stuff so I'm gonna say I don't own this anime nor am I trying to steal it....btw, the pic is not colored, sorry about that. yeah that's about it. I'm not sure when we'll start the new cosplay idea. And check out our 7th episode and Thanks Ryrare^_^
Okay, I get to make cupcakes tomorrow! yay! both chocolate and vanilla:D On other news, we might be making a new episode, or movie, depending on what happens this week. The genre is secret so I'm not telling unless I get permission from Ryrare, or Norwood. If any of you want to talk to me, im not sure if any of you do....but if you do, I'll try to go to the chatbox everyday but I might be busy for the next few days due to errands I hafta do with my family so....yeah I might not have a chance to come on as much..not that I have been...but I check the site alright??? Okay, so, yeeep that's it. have a fun week everyone!^_^ P.s. if any new ppl to the site are reading this, the chatbox is under more, and what's in store for you! Okay?XD
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