We the You!
Okay so in one of my earlier posts, I said that I was going to a dance. Now I'm thinking about asking someone but I need everyone's opinion. Do you guys think i should ask this person? or not? So far, I've gotten 3 yes's and 2 no's so please comment and tell me what you guys think:) I'm also hoping that it doesn't rain tomorrow because I hate the rain. Or more like I hate getting wet^_^0 Note: I don't know how to dance at all but i don't think the person i might be asking knows how to either soooo yeah...I'm not mentioning any names and whoever comments who actually knows me, don't mention names either or I will hunt u down and cut you like a fish! lol jk jk but I will be upset so ur better off not saying any names okay?
Summer is almost here:D There r just a couple more weeks of school left, which is awesome:) Hopefully u guys watched our new commercial and episode if not then DO IT NOW CLICK THE EPISODES BUTTON you know you want to^_^ Anyways, I've been figuring out what to do during the summer, I'll prolly try finding a job if that ever works....not sure yet. But, I'll have plenty of time to think about it. So...yeah...gosh, I have such a big problem with updating my blog but I'm hoping ppl are still reading it at least T_T oh well, I hope you guys have a good week:D Oh and be sure to post any questions on our blogs or you can email us at okhianduhwhy@gmail.com

It's so cool that im gonna be going to this dance with a couple of my friends:D But...idk how to dance soooo im just gonna hafta figure out something. It can't be that hard, right?^_^0 Maybe...not sure yet....but anyways, I'm hoping that you guys are watching our episodes and hopefully, we're funnyXD  Idk when we're gonna have another episode, it depends on work loads and stuff. Well, school is almost over and d

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