We the You!
Dogs are so amazing and cute! They're friendly and most love people. My friend has been saying that cats are devious but they aren't. Most cats are pretty friendly. ( NOT ALL are devious)  Anyways, I'm sad that I can't have any pets, BUT that doesn't rule out the time when I grow up:) IT will be awesome cuz the I'll beable to get an australian shepherd hopefullyXD anyways, this week has had such switchy weather. First, sunny/cloudy, next, rainy, and next, sunny. (Yes, very confusing, i know>_<) but let's hope for very good clear, and sunny weather^_^ Wow, the topic went from dogs to weather, see??? SSSWWWIIITCCHHHYYY
This week, I've been watching Vampire Knight and it is the most  awesome anime ever:D Anyways, the subject anime gave me an idea for halloween. I was thinking of a cosplaying eventXD as in, me, norwood, and ryrare would dress up as some random person from an anime and post pics. Of course i still hafta check with the other two, so u guys comment when u  get a chance. So, if anyone has any ideas about what the three of us should dress as, plz post suggestions:D  It might be kinda hard considering that most anime characters have different color hair different height, different color eyes  and no glasses. ( Wow, that limits things a bit BUT that's what a WIG is for!^_^) 

So,  yeah, that's it....hopefully everyone has a good weekend:)
This week, has been very busy. That's why I haven't been posting as often as I did b4. Overtime, I've been trying to find some songs to learn to play on the piano and so far, the seearch has been okay. I've mainly been looking at certain animes for rly pretty songs. so if any of you have any suggestions, then feel free to share!:) On that note,  I hope that everyone is doing good with everything. That was random..lol but yeah, I post a lot of  posts on my blog and I feel like I'm talking to myself so I'm hoping that ppl can find this site and if they can't I'll hafta talk to the others about what we can do about it, so have a fun week everyone!^_^
So, this might be sort of weird that none of my posts are  even about the webshow but this is how I get to talk to different ppl and also hear feedback. Anyways, this week has been rly stressful due to tons of projects and hw which I'm sure all of u have too. Along with grades and basically all of the things that have to do with school. (Yeah, it sux, right?XD) It's a good thing that I have a good friend who calms me down and also tells me to do things one at a time and I rly thank her for that, and I hope that she sees this post. ( hint: she's a panda lover) moving on,...

This is getting too long winded huh?^_^0 okay, uhhh....oh, i forgot to say happy valentines day <3 and chinese new year to those who celebrate one or the other:D  They were both very fun, at least for me, im not sure about u other ppl but yeah. I hope to see some new comments and I'll post again soon!
Alright so, I've never had a blog before  so I'll try to post regularily about random stuff and reply to all of you too.  Let's see...I really want to thank  Ryrare and Norwood for thinking of this really cool website and webshow idea:D Cuz...wow, this sounds rly awkward ^_^0 but yeah, now I can have them teach me how to be... less serious and more...energetic? I guessXD  So anyways, uhh yeah...that's it, lol  and "Keep us alive!" that came from Norwood^_^
Here's me dancing and looking stupid...
Welcome to my blog
I love talking to ppl so be sure to post tons of comments and such. Uhh yeah...

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