We the You!
This week, has been very busy. That's why I haven't been posting as often as I did b4. Overtime, I've been trying to find some songs to learn to play on the piano and so far, the seearch has been okay. I've mainly been looking at certain animes for rly pretty songs. so if any of you have any suggestions, then feel free to share!:) On that note,  I hope that everyone is doing good with everything. That was random..lol but yeah, I post a lot of  posts on my blog and I feel like I'm talking to myself so I'm hoping that ppl can find this site and if they can't I'll hafta talk to the others about what we can do about it, so have a fun week everyone!^_^


Ryrare Mercer
02/24/2010 18:53

go to broadway, and remember me to herald square.. JK but learn Defying Gravity from Wicked puhleeeezzzzzzz.

02/27/2010 10:29

look up Fairyring by Gary Stadler & Singh Kaur =) its really really pretty

02/27/2010 12:04

Thanks and yeah, it's rly pretty,:D

02/27/2010 23:47

C= glad u like it

12/13/2010 01:26

Too many people live too much in the past.


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